Monday, February 4, 2013

Jerusalem, Here We Come!!

ESTHER and the Secrets in the King's Court is on its way to Jerusalem. Yes, Shushan comes to Yerushalyim.
The excitement, the splendor and the song of the Persian capital will thrill Jerusalem audiences right before the holiday of Purim.
ESTHER's director Toby Klein Greenwald and production manager Eudice Spitz have been talking to the Municipality of Jerusalem about performing under the Jerusalem banner for quite some time. Now, finally, tickets are on sale through Bimot -
Buy your tickets for Sunday, February 17. We'll be performing in the Gerard Behar Theatre, right in the heart of the city.
The last time Raise Your Spirits performed in the Gerard Behar, there was a ticket line all the way out of the plaza in front of the theatre, up the stairs and down the block. Seeing all the ticket buyers was exciting. We kind of felt like The Beatles or Spice Girls or Avraham Fried & Co.
But the lines were really long for our ticket buyers and friends. So, I suggest buying tickets in advance and missing the long line!
We can't wait to perform in Yerushalayim. Performing there has an excitement like nowhere else. And we're thrilled at the opportunity to welcome women and girls from all over the country to our show.
Yerushalayim - February 17 - welcome to Shushan.

Photo by FLASH Rebecca Kowalsky, .

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