Friday, November 16, 2012

Back Stage Bosses

When things go smoothly on stage of any production, it means that the bosses backstage are taking care of business.
They don't get the applause of the crowd or the spotlight, so I wanted to show them my admiration and appreciation.
Thank you to our Stage Manager Bati Katz (my owner daughter) and her assistant Elisheva Ariel. Thank you to our Mike Ladies Hilary Hurwitz and Shellie Ben David.
Thank you to our Make Up Ladies, headed by Zohar Mendelson. And thank you to our Sound and Light Team, headed by Yair Balams. (I noticed our director Toby Klein Greenwald up there too.)
Thank you to Michal Yechieli and Tzippy Cohen who were running the subtitles. And more folks....we'll get to you too.
We've all been together for so many years. The on stage performers depend on our back stage gals.
I just wanted to say THANKS!!

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