Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Costume's the Thing

Our rehearsals for the upcoming RAISE YOUR SPIRITS show, "ESTHER and the Secrets in the King's Court", are getting really serious.
Harmonies, dancing, staging - everything is getting more exact.
It's all been pretty laid back until now, and very theoretical.

But on Thursday night we got on stage in our costumes, and suddenly everything changed. Everyone realized that this show is really happening, and everyone - from our littlest darlings to our special cameo performers - did everything as best and professionally as possible.

In their costumes - dolled up down to the feathers in their hats - our performers were in character and in great form.
Theory time over. The costume's the thing that lit a fire under each of us.
And now, the play's the thing!!!
The one month countdown begins now!!!

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