Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Father and Sons Reunion

Well, it wasn't really a reunion. It was a UNION.
Tonight for the first time, I met and rehearsed with my sons. I am Haman in the new Raise Your Spirits Theatre production of ESTHER and the Secrets in the King's Court. 
Haman had ten sons - all as slimy, evil and conniving as he. In fact, they ended just as deservedly - hanging from a tree. (To commemorate this event, my machatenesta - son's mother-in-law - makes gingerbread cookies and hangs them from a branch.)
The girls/boys/girls/whatever danced for me in a number we do together. It's called He's the Man!! It's a Hip Hop number, because Haman is THE Man!! And these creepy kids idolize their Dastardly Dad.
Well, their dance was a wow, but they were so beautiful, so adorable, so smiley and delicious. So, I told them to toughen up. They're wicked! They're nasty! They're slimy!
Now we're trying to think of a proper name for them. "Haman's Sons" seems a little plain for these young dynamos. What about Haman's Nasty Boys? Or Haman's Conniving Kids?
We haven't come up with something that rocks yet, but I'll tell you. This number ROCKS like crazy. My sons are BAD (that means, they're good)! And I, Haman, am SUPER BAD, the Baddest Daddest Guy Around.
Well, you'll just have to see it. If you think of a good name for my Bad Boys, let me know.
* * *
BTW, Boys...don't let me catch you smiling....or else. (Your loving Dad - grrrrrrrrrrrr)

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